Eztrader.com Broker Review

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eztrader.com was launched as a binary options trading platform in 2008 and since then, many online trading sites have been going to great lengths to copy it, but they failed each and every time. Being one of the first online binary options trading platforms that launched in 2008, eztrader.com continues to maintain its leader position in the binary options trading business.


The goal of the eztrader.com binary options platform is to make online trading easier and available to all people, no matter if they are new traders or have experience in the trading business. Also, their trading platform is different from other binary options platforms because eztrade.com offers its users a simple, dynamic and exciting way of trading. The low minimum deposit allowed and the simplicity of eztrade.com binary option trading system, attract more and more people who want to earn money on their own from all around the globe.

Moreover, the policy of eztrade.com is making all the customers feel like they are the most important persons from the web site. This is way they are offered the best services that can be founded on the market at present.

eztrade.com is available anywhere in the world and for the users to have a smooth and flawless transaction, there are many financial advisors who can help anyone in need from Monday to Friday – this binary options platform works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and makes more and more traders happy every day.

Minimum deposit allowed

Like on other binary options trading web sites, you have to have a minimum amount of money in your account in order to start trading. The minimum deposit allowed on this trading platform is: 200 USD, 200 EUR or 200 GBP. The next deposits that you will want to make must be 100 USD, EUR or GBP or more, but it is preferable to deposit 1250 USD, EUR or GBP because then you will receive a bonus of 650 USD, EUR or GBP (depending on which currency you choose when you make your account).

Remember, choose carefully your currency when creating a new account, because from then on you will have to deposit funds into that account only in the currency that you have chosen at the beginning.


After you have made an account and you found out all the details about how you can start trading, you should know a little more about withdrawals too.

There are two ways to withdraw money from eztrade.com: via credit/ debit card or via wire transfer. While for the money transfer from your account to your credit or debit card you will not pay any fee, for the wire transfer you have to pay an extra 15 EUR beside the amount of

money that you requested (this is the processing fee). Because the web site has to follow the anti-money laundering rules, the money you want to withdraw can only be sent onto the card from where you have made the deposit.

A great thing about eztrade.com is that there is no limit when it comes to the amount of money you want to withdraw. The only time when there are withdrawal limits is when it comes to bonuses. You will find a special section about these limits and the withdrawal procedure in this case on the eztrade.com web site.

The regular withdrawal will be processed in three business days, this being the perfect period of time in which the user’s information can be verified and no errors can occur.

Documents requested for your account to be verified

Whether you want to simply deposit some money, or to withdraw your profit, you have to send copies from some documents to the eztrader.com customer service. The documents are the following:

  • A valid ID that has a photo of you; it can be either a passport or a driver’s license.
  • The copy of an utility bill, in order to proof the address that you mentioned on the form completed at registration
  • If you use a debit or credit card to invest through eztrader.com, you have to make copies to its front and back; on both sides you have to let it show the last four digits.

*if you use multiple credit or debit cards in your trades through eztrader.com, you have to provide the same pictures and information from each of them.

How to trade

In order to start trading, you have to have a verified account. Then, choose from the list that eztrader.com provides you, the asset you want trade and make a prediction for it. You can either ‘Call’, if you think that after the time has expired the asset’s price will be higher than at the beginning, or you can choose ‘Put’, if you feel the asset’s final price will be lower that its initial price.

For each trade there is a minimum amount (25 USD, EUR or GBP) and a maximum amount (3000 USD, EUR or GBP). Be very careful when deciding which amount you want to spend on a single trade because these are only predictions and if you chew more than you can eat, you can lose all your money.

What you can trade on eztrader.com

eztrader.com provides its customers a wide range of binary options that can be traded, such as currency pairs, commodities and international stocks. This varied selection of assets can only help eztrader.com customers to earn high profits by trading numerous assets from all over the globe.

Free demo

A disadvantage of the eztrader.com platform is that it has no interactive demo. It is true that on the web site there is a section entitled ‘Tutorial’, but there you are only told that you can make a free account and see how the trading business works.

All in all, the eztrader.com binary options platform is a great place where you can learn how to make high profits with minimum effort and time. Choose to invest money through eztrader.com and you will not be disappointed!